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His name, he revealed, was Christopher Thomas Knight. Born on December 7, 1965. He said he had no address, no vehicle, did not file a tax return, and did not receive mail. He said he lived in the woods.
"For how long?" wondered Perkins-Vance.
Knight thought for a bit, then asked when the Chernobyl nuclear-plant disaster occurred. He had long ago lost the habit of marking time in months or years; this was just a news event he happened to remember. The nuclear meltdown took place in 1986, the same year, Knight said, he went to live in the woods. He was 20 years old at the time, not long out of high school. He was now 47, a middle-aged man.
Knight stated that over all those years he slept only in a tent. He never lit a fire, for fear that smoke would give his camp away. He moved strictly at night. He said he didn’t know if his parents were alive or dead. He’d not made one phone call or driven in a car or spent any money. He had never in his life sent an e-mail or even seen the Internet.

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…Everything he said seemed candid and blunt, unfiltered by the safety net of social niceties. “I’m not sorry about being rude if it gets to the point quicker,” he told me.
- Michael Finkel for GQ

Not too long ago—a week or two, maybe—I was thinking of posting, “I wonder if ‘hermit’ is still a career choice that people make.”
I have my answer.




Dog biscuits for everyone!

That bird is like Oprah.You get a dog biscuit.You get a dog biscuit.EVERYBODY GETS A DOG BISCUIT!!!

Warner Bros. reportedly has a “no jokes” policy for its DC Comics movies | The Dissolve



This explains a lot.

Take something that brought joy to millions and suck all the joy out of it.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Black tomatoes, that are unusually high in anthocyanins (pigments with antioxidant properties that are possibly neuro-protective, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory) have been accidentally bred by the folks working on the "Indigo Rose" project at Oregon State University.
The same group of pigments is responsible for the deep shades of certain red and purple berries, and autumnal foliage colours.
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All-consuming desire for a particular vegetable/fruit initiated.

Lia just ordered some of these seeds for next year!

Fuck yellow tomatoes. I want these.

I may be in danger of breaking my cats in half trying to get them to do this.

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