Shit My Honey Should See


3D printing is being used to print organs, prosthetic limbs, and this

October 16, 2009


  1. "I like the dog. If he can’t eat it, or fuck it, he pisses on it. I can get behind that."
    @shitmydadsays (Justin) – 120
  2. Just bought a little wedding chapel for my model train set. Someday I’ll get married there and SHUT UP MA YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT
    @fireland (Joshua Allen) – 120
  3. Now hold on. Some guy had a flying saucer balloon or something?

    Bear with me. You see, I’m employed.
    @adamisacson (Adam Isacson) – 107
  4. Schrödinger’s kids eventually stopped asking for new pets.
    @sween (Jason Sweeney) – 91
  5. Nevermore? Man, that’s so raven.
    @aedison (Avery Edison) – 90
  6. As soon as Wolf interviewed Falcon, the ‘balloon boy’ story turned into a Lakota Sioux legend.
    @badbanana (Tim Siedell) – 83
    @sween (Jason Sweeney) – 76
  8. The worst part of wearing a cape is the toilet.
    @thedayhascome (Josh Hopkins) – 76
  9. For Halloween, I’m going as MJ and Roman Polanski in a saucer balloon made out of health care bills and Rod Blagojevich hair.
    @badbanana (Tim Siedell) – 72
  10. Nobody ever asks if the baby wants to hold me.
    @sween (Jason Sweeney) – 69
  11. "IT WAS HELL," recalled man who went to the bathroom and forgot his iPhone.
    @Moltz (Moltz) – 67
  12. Pop-up windows are the Kanye West of interface.
    @Mike_FTW (Mike Monteiro) – 65
  13. For Halloween I’m going as Twitter. One minute I’ll be in your face talking a mile-a-minute, the next I’ll be aloof and unavailable.
    @joeschmitt (Joe Schmitt) – 64
  14. Today, I broke one of my cardinal rules: Never trust a family with a helium-field experimental aircraft in the backyard.
    @badbanana (Tim Siedell) – 63
  15. Don’t know what you’re staring at, kid. You’ve seen air guitar plenty of times before.

    This is the same.

    Only with bagpipes.

    @sniffyjenkins (Justine Kilkerr) – 61
  16. Remember in Pulp Fiction when they open the briefcase and a light washes over them? That just happened to me when Karen lifted her shirt.
    @Moltz (Moltz) – 60
  17. Everyone on this plane is perfectly quiet, but really unattractive. I brought noise-cancelling headphones, but no sight-cancelling glasses.
    @adamisacson (Adam Isacson) – 55
  18. I know it’s no problem. You rang up my orange juice. How could that be a fucking problem? The phrase is “You’re welcome.”

    Sorry. Pet peeve.
    @adamisacson (Adam Isacson) – 53
  19. Every Halloween I eat so much candy that I hallucinate tiny monsters and superheroes at my door trying to trick me into giving them some.
    @Zaius13 (Damn Dirty Ape) – 52
  20. My cat has a booger that makes him honk while he breathes, my other cat is searching for the goose.
    @baileygenine (Bailey Siewert) – 51


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